Decide if the following statements are TRUE or FALSE.

1. Constitutional monarchy means that the Queen is the head of state and actively participates in politics. 
2. The Queen signs all the laws passed by the politicians but she does not have any responsibility for saying what the laws should be about.

3. Everyone who is on the electoral register has two votes.

4. On the ballot paper there is a list of all the candidates that are standing for election.

5. Parliament is the place in certain countries where the politicians meet to debate and vote.

6. The political leader of the UK is the President.

7. If one party does not have enough seats to form a majority it will need to form a coalition with another party, and they will run the country together.
8. Ballot paper is a piece of paper that lists all the options that can be voted for.

9. Normally there are elections every two years in the UK.

10. Constituency is the area of a country that is represented by a certain elected official.

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