Intellectual Output 1: HI-GLOBE Study

Challenging the concept to transform English teaching into a mean in the education of global citizens, the HI-GLOBE project team has been elaborating a Study on the approach of English teachers on Global Educational methodologies and purposes. The study is based on the analysis of a survey that was circulated in the 5 partnership countries during the 1st half of 2020, and responded by English teachers, educators, tutors and instructors, working primarily in the adult education field.

Among many of the findings, the Study has shown that certain Global Education content areas such as Interculturality and Diversity, Sustainability and environment, as well as Health and wellbeing are much present during language teaching, while some others, such as Religions, Politics, democracy or active citizenship are only rarely occurring on English lessons. The respondents also answered which skills relevant to the GE approach they develop the most in their students during their practice, and in this aspect Teamwork and cooperation, Critical thinking and Intercultural communication has shown the highest figures. The Study also found that respondents wish to support even more the acquisition of certain skills of the learners, such as Empathy and Creativity, while other ones, such as Media literacy or Dealing with complexity/contradictions receive less attention. The survey also asked the participants about the most crucial attitudes that they wish to transfer to their learners, and in this aspect the Respect for others and Open-mindedness has proven to be the winners.

The Study also provides a list of useful resources that the respondents have been sharing, which prove to be great tools for enriching their English teaching practices.

The Study is regarded as a key document for the partnership in the development of the new HI-GLOBE English modules (A1-A2 and B1-B2), that will be designed, tested and fine-tuned in the next period of the project; aiming to support English educators in increasing the capacity of their learners to be more responsible and globally aware active citizens.

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