Project Outcome 2: HI-GLOBE Modules

The HI-GLOBE Modules build on the findings of the HI-GLOBE Study regarding the approach and practices of Global Education principles by English teachers. While taking into account both these information and innovatine teaching methods (CLIL, TBL, etc.), the partnership elaborated two pilot modules, each for different language level (one applicable among adult language learners on level A1-A2, and the other for learners on the level of B1-B2).

The modules are based on current popular language teaching methods such as TBL and CLIL, and enriched with further elements based on key aspects of the Global Education approach, such as: cooperative-based learning, problem-based learning, dialogue-based learning, etc.

Thematically, these modules cover a wide range of areas defined by the Global Education approach:

–          Interculturality and Diversity, Religions

–          Sustainability, Environment, and Renewable Energy

–          Health, Sanitation, and Wellbeing

–          Society and Inequality, Gender Roles and Stereotypes

–          Human Rights and Social Justice, Peace and Conflicts

–          Economy, Commerce, and Fair Trade

–          Politics, Democracy, and Active Citizenship

The modules target not only langauage skills, but also personal skills (such as critical thinking, teamwork and cooperation, dealing with conflicts and complexity, decision-making, etc.), and values and attitudes (self-respect and respect of others, social responsibility and solidarity, open-mindedness, proactivity, etc.). The modules also make use of currently available and user-friendly digital tools that support the teachers and learners to engage in interactive, social learning context.

All the modules have been tested in real-life classroom in all the partner countries, and adjusted according to the stucents‘ and teachers‘ feedback.

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