Project is based on the Global Education (GE) approach that reflects our increasingly connected and globalised world. GE encourages new ways of thinking and enables people to develop the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes needed for securing a just, sustainable world in which everyone has the right to fulfil his/her potential.
GE encompasses Development Education, Human Rights Education, Education for Sustainability, Education for Peace and Conflict Prevention, Intercultural Education, being the global dimension for Education for Citizenship (Global Education Guidelines, 2008).

The main content areas of GE:

  • Human Rights, Democracy and citizenship, Intercultural and interfaith dialogue, Fair trade, Gender equality, Cultures and lifestyles, Health.

The main skills that are developed through GE:

  • Critical thinking, Changing perspectives, Decision-making, Teamwork and cooperation, Creativity, Dealing with complexity, Conflict transformation

Main values and attitudes that are intended to develop in learners through GE:

  • Social responsibility, Solidarity, Open-mindedness, Self-respect and respect for others, and Proactive and participatory community membership.