In today’s world there is a huge need for responsible, informed and globally oriented citizens. The HI-GLOBE project is highlighting and using the potential of English-language learning to support adult learners to connect, be aware and more responsible in civic and social life. HI-GLOBE intends to identify and develop the best possible pedagogies that can support the idea that language learning will be not only a goal but a tool for the further development of individuals towards a more sustainable society.

Based on the socio-cognitive approach of second-language acquisition, the language learning shall not be only a cognitive, isolated process, but it shall happen in a highly interactive, playful way. The interactive and innovative HI-GLOBE learning modules developed within the project will not only help the language learners to increase their global citizen competences, but also make it easier to improve their language skills, since the learning will take place in a much more holistic, socio-cognitive environment.