b) Look at the website of an Indian shopping mall VR Chennai: https://vrchennai.com/Home/Shop 

Find and write down names of:

Concrete shops where would you go if you wanted to buy:

-       bottle of wine

-       laptop

-       men's shirt

-       lipstick

-       sneakers

-       teddy bear

-       summer dress

-       earrings

At least three things you can buy in:

-       GAP 

-       Reebok 

-       Clinique 

-       Craft Box

-       Reliance Digital

-       Home Centre
Whether the following statements are true or false:  

1. Bobbi Brown sells clothes. 
2. There is a Thai spa in the Chennai shopping mall.
3. There is a restaurant on the ground floor. 
4. There are no clothes stores on the third floor.
5. We can buy a computer in CEX.
6. Longines is a traditional Indian brand.

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