1.         We go to school.

2.        We have to work on Mondays.

3.        I   vote, because elections are important.

4.        I think you, but it’s your choice in the end. Do what you want.

5.        We some in here, its forbidden.

6.        I spend so much money on clothes, I need to save.
C. Political vocabulary check

Look at the useful vocabulary and answer the following questions

Choose the correct definition

12.       What is the definition of Bill?
13.       What is the definition of Coalition?
14.       What is the definition of campaign?
15.       What is the definition of Coup d’ etat?
16.       What is the definition of By-election?
Look at the following pictures and then decide which option (A-D) in each question matches the indicted picture

Source: Excellent ESL 4U. ESL Politics Vocabulary. https://www.excellentesl4u.com/esl-politics-vocabulary.html (accessed 23 September 2021)

17.       Picture A?

18.       Picture B?
19.       Picture C?
20.       Picture D?
21.       Picture E?

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