Complete the missing word in the sentences.

8. Lots of people around the world have faced   – where they are treated differently because of their race, skin colour, gender, age and lots of other things, too.

9. But there are some amazing people who have worked hard to help us move towards a world where everyone is treated fairly and  

10. South Africa is home to many different peoples and cultures – so much so that it’s been nicknamed the  

11. He travelled the country to gain support for non-violent   against the National Party’s racists laws.

12. His work towards making South Africa a more peaceful place won the   Peace Prize in 1993.

13. He worked hard to make South Africa a country of  , where people of all race and colour lived together in peace.

Chose a word from the box and complete it in the sentences.

14. Created by white authorities who thought black people’s lives didn’t matter as much as theirs, these laws meant  

15. An   is a person who works to change a community, aiming to make it a better place.

16. Rosa was arrested by the police and fined for breaking   laws!

17. There are some amazing people who have done incredible things to fight for  , such person was a called Rosa Parks.

18. Regardless of where you come from, what religion you follow, where you work, what   you speak or whether you’re a boy or a girl.

Match the words in the box with the images.


         19.                                                20.   

          21.                                           22.  

          23.                                          24.

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