1. Homophobia seemed to start in the Middle Ages and it became worse in the Renaissance.
2. In 1776, being gay in any of the Puritan colonies was permitted. 
3. During the 20th century, gay bars were opened in the major cities in America, but they were frequently raided by the police.  
4. Being gay was never illegal in any American State.
5. One of the most popular gay bars was the Stonewall Inn in New York City.
Fill in the blanks using the words given.

AIDS - black - transgender - LGBTQ - GRID

A ______ transgender woman named Marsha P. Johnson is the leader of the uprising that started the modern gay right movement.
Every November, _____ awareness week is celebrated.
In the early 80s, the world was hit by the _____ epidemic, and the gay community was hit hardest.
AIDS was known as a gay disease. In fact, it was originally called _____.
 The _____ community got organized, and many projects emerged.

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