Renewable Energy Sources

Matching Pictures with Description

Now we will learn about renewable energy sources. Match the types of resources to their description and the pictures: 

1. Solar energy
2. Tidal energy
3. Biomass energy
4. Hydro energy
5. Geothermal energy
6. Wind energy

a) b) c)
d) e)   f) 

b) Pros and Cons

Read following arguments and decide whether they are advantages (pros) or disadvantages (cons) of renewable energy resources: 

“They are healthy for us. They don’t create pollution, so we can breathe clean air.”

“Their carbon footprint is smaller, which is better for nature.”

“They are unreliable, as they mostly depend on the weather.”

“Installation of the facilities is expensive, we need a lot of money.”

“They are sustainable, which means that we will always have enough of them.”

“We can run them locally, so we won’t rely on imported energy anymore.”

“The facilities take too much space which could be used for something else.”
“They produce less energy than fossil fuels. We need much more facilities..”
“There are enough of them for everyone, so they don’t cause political conflicts.”

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