1. Vocabulary: Materials

a) Name the materials:


b) Can you think of any objects made of these materials? Write down as many as you can!

E.g.: paper - book, newspaper; glass - glasses, window, etc.

2. Vocabulary: Packages

a) Match the words with pictures:

bottle, bag, can, jar, cup, box, tray, tube



b) What materials can these packages be made of?

E.g.: Bottle can be made of glass and plastic. A box can be made of paper and wood.

3. Sorting Waste

a) Do you know what these containers are for? What objects can we throw into them?

b) Check the pictures below. What objects / packages do you see? Which containers would you throw them in?

E.g.: I see a soda can. Soda can go into a metal bin.

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