This one is close to a Sorbonne University which was the home of those huge student (1) in May 1968 , but as you can see here he clearly doesn’t think that the (2) is alive and well because the eight is dropped down and becomes like mini mouse, it is on the rat instead, sort of swallowed by the disneyfication of the world. Not everyone is the (3) of the Banksy, it has to be sad, but this is probably my favourite tweet on the subject “(4) these horrors. Our city has the Louvre, no need to scribble on the walls # darlingfetchthebleach.” Interestingly though, no need to fetch the (5) in some cases, because some of them have been already –(6) not by bleach but by paint. One on the Porte de la Chappelle  of a migrant girl has been covered with the blue paint there. One person, actually managed to catch the people who were doing that. They were covering it with paint so the original is (7) now. One other that has been (8) was only found today, at the Bataclan Club this is seen as homage of the (9) of the terror attack there, whether it was washed by the Council workers I am not sure.

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