I was one of the (1)   ones who realized the importance of bridging kids. I am a bridging kid that wants to make (2) , bridge this world and make contributions to society. We, bridging kids, are the key to making bridges between the cultures of this world. We work as culture ambassadors (3)   both of the countries that belong to us. The best thing about bridging kids is that you don’t have to be a third culture kid to become a bridging kid. You can still become a bridging kid in your actions – bridging (4)   and allegiances leading by (5) . If you (6)   being a bridging kid at first, remember that you are blessed with the unique opportunity if you embrace every culture globally you will be able to bridge the world and (7)   people together in fellowship. What do you think is better? The world where people treat each other as a stranger or an (8)  or a world where we treat each other as friends.

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